Hassett Industries are authorised distributors for Elstein products in the UK

Hassett offers the full range of ceramic elements manufactured by Elstein in the UK. Thanks to our longstanding relationship with Elstein, you can be sure of expert advice and after-sales support.

FSF Series

Elstein FSF panel heaters are ceramic infrared heaters with a low overall height, approximately 45% lower-profile than rival products.

FSR Series

Elstein uses a full-pour casting process to make their concave FSR-series heaters.

HTS Series

Elstein HTS series heaters owe their higher radiant power output to the hollow-casting ceramic process used in their manufacturing and their thermal insulation filling. This also reduces the need for further insulation thanks to low levels of wiring-space heat dissipation.

Compared with IR heaters, HTS heaters have a far shorter heat-up time, and, depending on the type of insulation used, can make energy savings of up to 25% possible.

LCR Series

Elstein LCR heaters are characterised by their large size and concave design.

IOT 75/90

Because they are simple to connect, the Elstein IOT/75 and IOT/90 are suitable for both individual operation and for configuring groups of heaters. They have diverse applications, in particular they range over Terraniums, pets and livestock, breeding, medical and catering technology. Their power levels can be adjusted with a proprietary dimmer.

IOT/75 and IOT/90 are ceramic infrared dark heaters with E27 screw caps. The standardised E27 thread allows for easy and safe installation, as the heater can be screwed in, like bulbs into porcelain or metal sockets with a porcelain insert.

Other elements

Various other elements are available on request to accommodate special applications. these include a range of ROD ELEMENTS, GOLD BACKED HIGH-TEMPERATURE hollow-insulated elements and special SAUNA elements.