Screw Plug Heaters

Hassett Industries have expanded its products to include a range of SCREW PLUG IMMERSION HEATERS. Our in stock standard range is suitable for most water applications in the UK. This range has been designed with a maximum watts density of 10watts/cm2. You can see the full specifications of our Products Page.

We are now also able to quote for BESPOKE FLANGED IMMERSION AND ATEX HEATERS – email with Specifications.


Hassett Industries HQ
Hassett Industries HQ

In 2017 Hassett Industries outgrew their premises in Durrington and in the Autumn of that year moved into a couple of units in the new developement in the up and coming Solstice Business Park.

This move has given us the extra factory space we needed to progress with our on site manufacturing and also allowed us more useful office space.

Our new premises are very close to the A303 which has made it easier for both our Customers and Suppliers to get to us.