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Plastic Pipe heater using high intensity
gold backed Elstein elements
Large diameter plastic pipe heater using
“HiHeat” quartz cassettes
Clam shell oven using “Hi Heat” quartz
Shortwave quartz halogen lamps to
heat metal forgings
Hassett Industries has extensive experience in the designing and manufacture of purpose built
heaters to meet specific heating requirements in industrial processes.  These often include several
heating zones individually controlled. Our service covers all infrared emitters including heat lamps,
metal sheathed elements, quartz tubes, quartz cassettes and ceramic elements. We select the element
that is most suited to the industrial processes of the customer.
Our philosophy is to work with you and your staff to devise practical cost effective and energy
efficient solutions to help you improve your business performance    
Overhead conveyer paint dryer using
“Hi Heat” quartz cassettes
Oven used to expand metal cases to
allow Interference fit of components
using “HiHeat” quartz cassettes