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6 Sided Heater
3 Sided Heater
These heaters are  constructed in stainless steel, either triangular or hexagonal in shape
Depending on the model type. The Pendant heater delivers 3kw of heat from six 0.5kw
Heating cassettes and has a central down-lighter rated at 50watts.

These infra red heaters give a gentle heating effect and work well in semi-enclosed

3/6K6SL           3/6kw Six sided heater with down light
3K6SL              3kw Six sided heater with down light
1.5/3K6SL       1.5/3kw six sided heater with down light
1.5/3K3S          1.5/3kw three sided heater
1.5K3S             1.5kw Three sided heater
Power supply:220-240v

In the UK these heaters are available through our distributor  LEISURE HEATING
Telephone number: 0115 9372727   Email: warehouse@leisureheating.co.uk
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