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Ceramic Element People and Space Heaters
These heaters have the advantage of providing Infrared heat without light. Suitable for heating
smaller areas such as portacabins, sheds, storerooms, small shops, garages, work stations in large
warehouses etc.
Model:                  HLC15     HLC30      HLC45
Rating:                    1.5kw       3kw        4.5kw
No. Elements:           1               2             3  
Length:                   405mm    405mm    405mm
Height:                   190mm    345mm     495mm
Depth:                      72mm      72mm      72mm
Weight:                   1.75kg     2.75kg      3.5kg      
These heaters are widely used in animal husbandry in Zoos, vets, animal breeders,
Pig and poultry farmers and reptile breeders and keepers.
Rating  750watt    single element
          1500watt  double element
Dimensions as above for 1 and 2 element heaters
Heaters suitable for animals
Short Wave HLX Range
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